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The Strategy to Get Ness - by Ploqazxswm

The Strategy to Get Ness

I tried and tried, and finally succeeded in getting Ness (and everyone else + the sound test!) Each character u fight, has their own weaknesses. First things first, get Luigi by beating the practice bonus stage 1 for all the normal characters. U should have little trouble beating him if u are fairly experienced. Okay, here's the No.1 strategy I used (remember, i used Luigi to get Ness, set it to normal, and set it to 3 lives without continuing)

Link- No problem, he LETS u hit him first, so use Luigi's ultimate attack, the SMAAAAAASH uppercut (when u touch your enemy, use B+UP to send them flying). If u are good with timing, u can SMAAAAAASH uppercut (I'll call it SU attack) him while he's flying back down (I did it 4-in-a-row before!), or, u can wait till he lands, or get him while he's jumping down at u. Now that his damage is up, u can either run at him with a super punch, or if he is by the edge, throw him (beware of his sword!). If u get the chance, use the SU attack to send him flying, or even kill him. Now, get him on the edge, and throw him off, HERE'S where u kill him, while he's jumping around and trying to get back up, continue to shoot fireballs at him! If he gets hit, HE DIES!!!!! Or if he grabs on the edge, go to him, and push DOWN+A to kick him off (But be careful not to let him kick u if he gets back up)! Beware of the tornado!!!

Yoshi Team- Easy, but don't underestimate them! Use Luigi's spin attack (DOWN+B) To send several of em' off at a time. Don't stay in one spot too long, they can pick away at u! Like all "Team" fights, if u see an item, get it fast (But throw them away from u [Not off the stage!] or at other enemies! They could be bombs!!!!!) and use the items to your benefit. U can also kill them by throwing them, but don't get double teamed! If one gets an item, try to throw it off. Try not to use SU attacks there, u may fall off!

Fox- Pretty simple, but don't get cocky! Fox isn't too smart, but if given the chance, he'll wipe u. First, hold FORWARD while the announcer is counting down. After he says, "GO!", you'll be running at Fox. About an inch or 1/2 away from Fox, press A to do a super punch. After Luigi stops punching, immediately run the other way. Then charge Fox again by tapping FORWARD once or twice. When u get near him, slow down and SU him. When he gets back up, throw him to the right. Keep tossing him until u are on the very back of great fox. When u jump down to him to give him a "Pleasant" greeting, SU or throw him to the right. If he falls off the right side, do what u did for Link and continuously fireball him. Keep throwing + fireballing, or SUing him, until he screams, "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!" But beware, he tends to flip around u. Solution: Throw him away because shields won't protect against throws. Don't ever use an attack from above, because he always hits u back up. Solution, try to land away from him. And shield if he is about to use his blaster. If u hear a swoosh, DON'T JUMP! Stay low because the arwing's shots are VERY strong. And don't ride the arwing, or else you'll be seein stars :-)

Mario Brothers- I hate these guys! They really put up a fight! First, run at Mario and SU him. While he's flying, tap DOWN to fall back down faster to the upper platform. Once u land, SU Luigi. Now stand in back of your helper and spin attack anyone around u. If u find an item, grab it fast and chuck it at one of the Mario Bros. If one of them falls to the bottom platform, go down there quickly and try to throw him off. Then use the fireball trick. If that fails, keep SUing them until they see stars. Be careful with attacks from above and from below, because they tend to get u first. Good luck!

Pikachu- WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What an idiot! Jump up to the platform where Pikachu starts off from. Punch him in mid air, or jump over him to get him where u once were (WHAT EVER U DO, DO NOT USE AN "SU" ATTACK!!!!!). Now that u are above the Pokemon door way, u can either wait for a Pok?on to pop out and fry him, or u can wait a few moments and jump straight up. Pika will jump at u, but simply do a spin attack to smack him away. Try to get him on the "Target" platform once he's there, jump up again, and spin to smack him again. If he is at high damage, he should have to use his comeback move. Usually he misses, and falls to his doom. If not, keep spinning, or throwing him off to the right. (Remember, SU attacks aren't a very good idea!!!)

Giant Donkey Kong- Don't let him hit u! First, jump up to the top left platform. Continuously fireball him to rack up damage. Let your 2 underlings do your dirty work for now. When Kong gets to about 150-126160amage, Go SU him. If he gets near the edge, throw him off and use the fireball tactic. If he spins back up, Jump up an SU him. Soon he should be seeing stars! Just remember to keep on the move and pick away at him from a distance. If given a chance, SU him or throw him.

Kirby Team- DON'T GET DOUBLE TEAMED!!!!! First, go throw or SU the donkey Kong Kirby off his platform. Then to the Mario one. They all can be thrown easily, but never get in between 2 of em. If u do, shield or spin attack them away. If u are quick, they should be somewhat easy. SMAAAAAASH attacks work very well too! And try to use the tree to your advantage.

Samus Aran- Don't under, or over estimate her! First, try to throw her in the acid. When she gets back up, Try to SU her, or throw her again. Try not to let her charge up her gun! Don't run from her (exceptions! exceptions! exceptions!), instead, keep trying to throw her. And an SU here and there won't hurt either! If the acid is about to rise, jump to a higher ledge. NEVER attack her from above!!!! (She gets kinda screwy!) If she keeps shooting u, put your shield up to compensate. So lets see some stars!

Metal Mario- Heh Heh Heh! Luigi is the best one against metal Mario! Just keep jumping up at him, and SU him! It's so perfect because it not only deals loads of damage, it also propels u to safety! After he gets up to 150Try to throw him off while using the fireball tactic! Have fun!

Fighting Polygon Team- Ouch! Stay on the bottom platform and wait until they fall down. Then Spin attack them! If u spot an item container, use it as a weapon and throw it at the polywads. Get any weapon u can find, not only to use it in combat, but to keep it away from enemies. Any health items u can find are your best bet. Although weapons are good, don't forget that your spin attack is usually better! Good luck! (You'll need it!)

Glove- E-Z! When it is open for an attack, jump up and SU it as many times that u can! Study it's moves and be light on your feet. Remember that u can also do an SU when u are falling. If u keep at it, and learn how to compensate, you'll win, and fast too!!

Ness- The toughest battle of all! Okay, get ready for some pain. U can't attack from above, or at the side without taking a MAJOR risk! Your shield is your best friend here! If he PK fires u, use your shield! Don't use fireballs! Raise your shield at the moment before a PK or yo-yo, or anything like that is about to hit u! If u EVER get a chance, SU him!!! Try to throw him off the edge! Then try the fireball tactic to keep him from hitting himself with his own life-saving PK thunder! If u ever get under him, SU him!!! Goooood luck, so keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars... In a matter of speaking ;-) (Just don't let Ness do that to u!!!)

E-mail me at [email protected] and title it "Ness" for anymore help! Thanx for reading! This guide was dedicated to my buddy, EBounding!

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