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Defending Nintendo - by Popka 1

Defending Nintendo

I'm writing this because I am really sick of people complaining about Nintendo's delays and how Earthbound 64 is going to be different than the original Earthbound. This will be insanely long compared to most of the articles in Earthbound.Net.

I can't stand all the people getting really mad at Nintendo for it's delays of Earthbound. Sure, we can get frusterated at them, but I don't think it should go too far. Remember that Earthbound 64 was to be one of the flagship titles for the Nintendo 64's Disk Drive. We all know that it is very likely that this accessory will never see the light of day. Therefore, Nintendo had to completely change the gameplay of this new Earthbound game. But we all know that, right?

Right! BUT, I'm also annoyed that so many people are angry at Nintendo because the game will be in 3D and the characters look like they will different. Toning down the graphics and keeping the old characters would no doubt satisfy the fans of the series. But that's the thing: As large as the fanbase is, it is still almost nothing when compared the amount of fans other games that it will be competing with have. (The Final Fantasy games, Zelda) The amount of fans of these have are absolutely huge and most of them haven't even heard of Earthbound. THESE are the fans that Nintendo has to please most, because they will be the majority of the players.

Now there's no doubt that Earthbound for the SNES flopped in America, so Nintendo certainly can't base EB64 on it's predeccesor's success. They have no choice but to make the game good on it's own merits. And that may mean changing the characters and making the graphics really good. There are so many gamers who will play this game without ever seeing the SNES version, and so if Nintendo makes the graphics all crappy again, the sales will do the same thing that they did before. Nobody will understand the bad graphics except the fans, and they'll think "What is this crap? It looks like SNES graphics!" And Earthbound will once again go down the tubes after all the effort Nintendo made.

Nintendo will try to satisfy ALL the Nintendo 64 RPGers, who have mostly turned to Sony for their fix, with this game. The game has to be able to compare with Sony's graphically impressive games. After all, this will be the only true RPG on the Nintendo 64 since Quest, and we all know ow bad THAT was. If Nintendo makes this game only to satisfy the fans, then they will miss all the other RPGers.

It was a similar situation with Zelda 64. Nintendo put so much effort into it because they no longer had Square to rely on for epic PRG type games. Zelda came out after many delays and was excellent, as many of you will agree.

Also, just because Earthbound 64 may be different from the original, does that mean it won't be any good? I always excpect quality games from Nintendo, and they almost never let me down. (Try not to think of Yoshi's Story.) I am expecting this game to be great, and if it's not like the original at all, I will still enjoy it and appreciate it, once again, on it's own merits.

Yes, Nintendo may seem heartless at times, but you must remember that they are a business, not some volunteer organization out to better the world. Just remember: of course they're doing it all for money, what else would they do it for? I don't think that goes for Shigeru Miyamato, he seems to actually want to make the games just to make them, but Nintendo as a company sure doesn't care about much more than what sells. I still think they do a pretty good job though.

I hope this mind-numbing article has helped you think a little different about Nintendo and Earthbound. And no, I'm not an associate of Nintendo or anything, I'm just really optomistic. Although, about the Mother for Game Boy Color thing, I have no idea why they wouldn't even respond to the petition. I certainly don't believe that they are "scared" of us though. They have a lot of other things to be afraid of right now.

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Popka 1 Defending Nintendo
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