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The Wonderful World of Private Messages - by Carryabigbat

The Wonderful World of Private Messages

Hello, I'm carryabigbat, you might remember me from other articles such as "Balance, N.E.S.S., and Similarities and Differences". Upon reading Crunch's newest article it has inspired me to write yet another article(This will make 4 or 5 I believe???)! You see it kind of went like this, "Hmm, who is carryalargebat? He must be referring to me? Well that's cool." *Reading You may remember that in my last debate article, I issued an open challenge to tell me what happened at the battle of Averasboro, which most of you probably presumed I made up. Well, CarryALargeBat, who apparently has a lot of free time on his hands, emailed me a lengthy and very detailed description about the battle that, I assume, he found at its official website (EVERYTHING has an official website now). Some of the facts were wrong, but on the whole it was an entertaining and provocative account of one of the most useless battles in the American Civil War.(The Crunch Chronicles, Chapter 5.81 - By The Artist Formerly Known As CPTCrunch, 2003) "Um, yeah I don't remember how long that took me to find that, but after finding out that I had -1 l33t points, I had to do something. I know I should write another article! Yes that's what I will do!" has many great sections to it that keep the community together, but I would say the forums are where most people get to know each other first. Now some people may say, "But what if I want to tell someone something in private?" Well to these people I have three solutions, 1. E-mail the person. 2. Instant Message the person *Editors Note: I wouldn't suggest this one until you actually know the person. 3. Use the great service that has built into its great forums, The Private Message Service!

I suggest using this for less well known people at the site that you think are pretty cool. A lot of the times older users of the forums get so many PMs they just don’t respond which is perfectly reasonable if you ask me, but I don’t think all users should get PM and just not respond to it. For instance if someone gives you a sweet shout out on the boards like, GARFEP did to me on a picture that I made. Then I believe it is that persons responsibility to thank that person either on the boards directly or over a PM. I feel a good rule of thumb for receiving PMs is this: 1. If someone is asking you a question give them a reply. If they send another message to you thanking you I believe it’s okay not to reply to that message.

2. If some one thanks you for a sweet shout out you gave them on the boards, then I suggest giving them a reply such as, “No Problem Dude.” Or my personal favorite, “Just spreading the kindness my friend take it easy!”

3. I think PMs are also great for giving people info, for instants Pappycat’s avatar gallery had a time when avatars were coming up like wild flowers! So I would help her out by letting her know about them.(Thanks for the shout out on your gallery page Papster!)

Some final thoughts, I believe the PM system at is a great thing to use when dealing with your friends at, especially if they don’t use IRC or Instant messengers of any kind, and if they are the kind of people who check the old e-mail once a month. Private Messages, a great way to spread the love here at! --carryabigbat

After reading Crunch’s Scoreboard I thought I would make one also, but I realize the mistakes in my ways. I will site my sources this time.

Leeman: 1 For the props in the article topic
Pappycat: 2 For doing a good job on the article section, and for putting up with me! ( I agree with Crunch I would like to see a pappycat article!)Also for the sweet clay guys that you made keep on rockin!
Crunch: 3 For creating the scoreboard in his article, sending me a nice e-mail, and finally for being the article master!
STAREYe: For the e-mail about a little mistake I made in an article I wrote, Similarities and Differences(It’s related to mother 1 and two, find it and gain an awesome point!)
Me: 1 for writing two articles in one night!
GARFEP: For a sweet shout out!(Kindness always pays off!) You:0 Get to work! (The Crunch Chronicles, Chapter 5.36, 2003)

If you have any comments or questions feel free to PM me @ carryabigbat on the forums! (I like PMs, either way if you liked this article or not feel free to drop me an PM and get yourself on the scoreboard!.) Take care sm.netters, until next time, private carryabigbat

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