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Carryabigbat’s feeling on... - by Carryabigbat

Carryabigbat’s feeling on...

Written on April the 14


One word to explain how I carryabigbat feel right now, Excited! In the past years I have believed that this day may never come but yet it has! Today I have just received word the Mother 1 and 2 are coming out for the GBA, and how is this for a little icing on that sweeter than cheesecake cake, they even mentioned that they will be working on Mother 3. The game I have truly been waiting for every since that magical day that I beat Mother 2 after about 5-6 straight hours of game play at my grandmothers house!!! I have not truly been this happy about a video game announcement in a long time. Looks like my little brother might have to return my GBA for at least a little while. That is if this sweet game makes it to the US of A! Which I believe will happen due to many of the great people at and the wonderful 30,000 plus petition! Oh yeah today is truly a day to celebrate. I may have hours upon hours of Theology reading to finish up tonight but I will get it done off pure adrenaline due to this wonderful announcement!

This announcement also brings up a lot of questions. Like how much change are we going to see at our favorite web page Will we be able to handle the sheer amount of new people that will join the community? For this I have a suggestion, when a new person comes to the site and decides to create a user name for the boards add to the registration process a quick tutorial on rules and etiquette to a our very kind boards. This is just a suggestion I have. I believe change is a good thing, even though at times of this very huge change that will seem like a hardship for some people who have been here for quite a while. In the end I believe it will be a most excellent chapter to add to the story! I also would like to mention that I feel that reidman and Tomato and most definite ly others who run the site are going to be ready for these changes. Awhile back reid mentioned the look of the site will be changing, I feel that (of course this is a total guess) he plans on pulling yet another rabbit out of his hat by throwing a sweet new site layout! Which I’m sure we will all grow to love, just as much as the present layout!

Wow I can’t feel my hands I typed this action out in like a good 3-4 minutes I really can’t think of much else to say. Rock and Roll


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