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Trapped you! - by a_passerby

Trapped you!

"The Insane Cultist trapped you!" *cue picture of blue-KKKer w/paintbrush* -Earthbound.

Earthbound is a fun game..the NES version seemed to suck but the SNES version is great. I'm beating up blue KKKers everywhere (ok, they are insane cultists who believe that everyone should wear blue, for it is the ultimate symbol of peace, and their leader, 'The Carpenter' has this crazy lightning power and something that looks like a golden calf... but whatever.

today i did NHS volunteer work at the Toledo Food Bank. i was hesitant to go, because i thought it'd be like a soup-kitchen or something, at least where i'd give food to people and i think i can be rude around those i don't know..but it was fine, we just all packed cans in bags and into boxes. amazingly enough, i've done better overall the David on the APs (we took the same ones), but i think i lucked out.

Fullmetal Alchemist has one of my favorite funny episodes coming up monday night..Ed fights his first formidable female opponent, highly amusing to watch.

1st day of band camp does 1st day of school. i want to see how the senior hallway looks, from what i hear, it's sweet.

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