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Mother 3 Insanity: Don't Panic - by Rockwell

Mother 3 Insanity: Don't Panic

We had some incredible news during September 2005 in regards to Brownie Brown’s flash animation, the “Professor Andonut” lookalike viral marketing, and the surfacing of M3 DD admist the conspiracy known to only the top people. Then we also had some major let downs. The viral marketing campaign was nothing more but advertisement for some strange RPG, “Contact” although it seems interesting enough (link included below if you are interested). The M3DD discovery has recently been dropped a few notches now that the owner of M3DD disks has “lost interests” in

After this last revelation, I temporarily lost control of my temper and then realized I was getting too involved and understood what zushiba meant by ‘officially stepping out of the situation.’ There were obvious complications that could arise from bringing this in public, and we have seen what happened so far.

Looking at SM.NET, I’m concerned that we’re deviating from the original intent of the site itself. Isn’t this site meant to educate and entertain us, not battle over ownership of the Mother 3DD disks or first-right to the content of the disk. The joke is, we’re going to end up getting the content and information on the disks no matter what. So I ask you this, what is the point of fighting over it?

The main point is, we are here for one reason. We appreciate EarthBound/Mother 2. Let’s stick to our roots and enjoy SM.NET for what it is instead of the possibility of what it can be.

(Oh, and this is the link I promised. – Contact)

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