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Change Nothing - by Ambivalentiowa

Change Nothing

To make EB2/M3 a commercial success in the US nothing needs to be different. That's right, i would change nothing related to the gameplay or advertising. The magic of Earthbound is it's quirky sense of humor and the fact that it never takes itself seriously. What hurt it back in the 90's is that it was completely different from all the other fantasy-based RPGs that were popular at the time. And ironicaly, that fact may be exactly why it'll be so easy to market it in the current market.

In the early 90's, if an RPG (at least one sold in the US) wasn't full of mages and swordsmen and other generic character types it didn't stand much of a chance. With Final fantasy being the dominant force in the US at the type, anything not published by Square seemed to be doomed from release. Since the Japanese had a much quirkier sense of humor and were much more accepting of different types of games, Earthbound was much more succesfull there. They had been subjected to loads more types of games than America had and were more wiling to look outside the generic mold of games.

However these days there are a ton of wacky and out-there RPGs that sell just fine in the US and get rave reviews. In fact, most unique games get better reviews and better sales than the tried-and-true formula games. The gameplay of Earthbound would have no problem selling itself in the current market. If they hurry up and release this game it should be a high seller in no time at all.

One thing i would reccomend to them is to include either Mother 1 and/or Mother 2 with Mother 3 so people could experience the full splendor of its history. And they shoudl definately include the scratch-n-sniff stickers again along with the folding map. Plus, a free players guide would be a huge draw these days since people would be shocked at not having to shell out the extra $15 to get it. Obviously, since game packaging has gotten much smaller, some sort of mail-in certificate would be needed for this since stores probly wouldn't shell out extra shelf space for a huge box ala Mother 2.

To restate, nothing needs to be changed about gameplay or advertising. They should push the quirkiness of the game like they did in the 90's only this time it would be to a much more receptive audience.

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