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EarthBound - For Friends or Not? - by Jeff7

EarthBound - For Friends or Not?

We all know that feeling. The feeling of discovering something truly amazing, and showing it off to everyone. I imagine most of us did this with EarthBound. I know I did. Mind you, this was years later, for around the time I first played EarthBound, I was a bit too young to have 'friends'. No, I showed them in the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era. This was my first mistake. Nowadays, with all my friends, it's graphics. I imagine a good chunk of gamers to be like this. For example, one of my friends hates LOZ: The Wind Waker, because of the graphics, and has never once played it. So you can imagine EarthBound's response.

It was a typical one: "Zomg it looks so stoopid ahahahah" and "snes? wtf is the snes?" and other such responses. Now, I wanted to punch each and every one of them in the face right then and there. I mean, at least give the dang game a try before you judge it! I scolded them about this, but did any of them listen? No! They continued to ridicule it, darn well knowing nothing about the game, besides Ness being is SSB(:M).

This taught me never to show things to them, for they value graphics waaay too much. Infact, with the next gen coming soon, that's all they talk about, the graphical power of the systems. Sheesh!

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