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Giegue/Mewtwo Debate - by trillionageshrooom!

Giegue/Mewtwo Debate

Over the course of time, there have been cases where there would be two of the same thing in some point of the world. Clones, twins, horrible experiments gone wrong, etc. But most of all, it happens in videogames.....too much, actually. In our case, it's the Earthbound series.

Back in 1987, Mother 1 (Earthbound Zero in America) was released in the land of the rising sun. The maniacal anatgonist behind this game was none other than the interplanetary "Universal Cosmic Destroyer", Giegue/Giygas. Born in some distant galaxy, and raised by Ninten's ancestors, George and Mary, he always hated the lullaby that she would sing to him. Now, when her husband, George, left Giegue's home planet with not only their advanced technology, but also their knowledge of a mysterious power known as PSI, his race was really upset. Knowing that he can't let PSI spread outside of his home planet, but trying to not forget his surrogate mother, he adhered to to his race's ideals. With his evil army of super-powerful robots called Starmen, as well as other freakish aliens that look like they're right out of a Star Wars convention, he brainwashed anything that so much as existed, such as animals, humans, and even inanimate objects. Only 4 teenagers could stop him, and they were Ninten, Ana, Loid, and the Bla gang leader, Teddy. Learning about the ideals of PSI and weaponry (as well as the eight melodies, which could send Giegue packing), they climbed up Mt. Itoi (I bet you can guess who this is named after), and confronted Giegue aboard his mothership. Withstanding all of his inexplicable PSI attacks, and singing the lullabythat Giegue hated so much, he ran away, to be seen again as a being who lost his mind in the thoughts of revenge

Now, fastforward to 1998, when Pokemon hit U.S. shores. It introduced a plethora of strange but powerful creatures that even the village idiot could catch and raise to fight others. There were some conversations between gamers that Pokemon was just a collect'em version of Earthbound. Some parts might've been true......but they weren't. Well, except for one of the pokemon, and that one is Mewtwo. He was a creature created in a secret laboratory on Cinnabar Island, supposedly going to be a clone of Mew, a superpowerful monster within the series. They succeeded in cloning, but, there was one problem, he was out of control, and had a free will of his own, thus escaping his captors, and establishing himself as the voice of pokemon everywhere. He loathed humans for what they did to him, and for years, he did within the Unknown Dungeon, living out the rest of his life is bitter lonliness. He was captured by one dude, however, presumably named red (loking a bit like Ness in terms of clothing style.). Here is where things thicken up.

When theh internet was introduced, pictures of both Giegue and Mewtwo flew about like bats on a sugar rush. Ever since thhen, people have been debating whether or not Mewtwo is a pokemonish Giegue. They're both similar, in terms of using psychic attacks. If you go to message boards, you're bound to hear people arguing about this. My article here will hopefully clear all that rot up. Again, this is trillionageshrooom!, going ghost!....err, I mean, out!

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