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The Starmen lifecycle - by TonySaturn

The Starmen lifecycle

Hello, good morning and welcome.

Lately, i have been thinking about EB0 and Starman JR. (or Son of Starman if you will)and the fact that Starman JR came out from a pill.
This has lead me to:
1: Starmen must produce offspring
2: Dr Mario is a Starman in disguise.

Now, if my notes are correct, the Starmen's lifecycle must go a little like this:
(Please note, i will put a note if it's a one game exclusive. Giegue and Giygas are the same being,so they will be refered as Giygas)

1st form: Pill. The egg of Starmen, produced only by ordinary Starmen. Pills will also hatch if one other then a servant of Giygas approaches them. (eg. Ninten and the flying pill, EB0)

2nd form: Starmen JR. Hatched newly and ready to fight, these young Starmen are most definitly going to be trained. On rare cases, a Starmen JR will be left to stay at a importent place.

3rd form: Blue or plain Starmen. A Blue Starmen is a Starmen that appeared in EarthBoundZero.
A plain Starmen is not said "Plain Starmen", it's just Starmen. According to my notes, on rare cases, a StarmenJR will turn into a "Blue Starman". These Starmen are superior to the ordinary grunts. (Starmen)

4th formA: A Blue Starman will most likely turn into a Final Starmen, for they are superior. A Final Starman is the final kind of Starmen you will encounter. (Besides Ghost of Starmen, but they are a different form)

4th form(normal): Starmen Super. When an ordinary Starman is promoted, they gain power from Giygas Him/Her self. Starmen Supers are worth fighting for they carry the exclusive SWORDS OF KINGS, but that's another story.

5th from(one of a kind!): Once, a Starmen Super did an excellent job. Giygas was proud of this servant, and this Starmen got a promotion (again) and was turned into a very powerful Starman. This Starman was known as Starman DELUXE, leador of the Stone Henge takeover.

Death: When a Starmen gets killed, it turns into a Ghost of Starmen, haunted by the memory of Ness and co defeating it. This Ghost won't rest until "you, that girl, geeky and baldy are DEAD"...

Eggs: Ordinary and Blue Starmen can give birth to a beautiful pill. Only these two kinds of Starmen can give birth, for all the others have too much power. This turn into Starmen Jr, then Starmen, they give birth, and they continue there (very short if the 4 are around)life cycle.

Thank you, good night, and remember:
Don't Trust Docter Mario!

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