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Clay Ness - by axelgnt

Clay Ness

a clay Ness my style i think he looks cool but thats just my opinion Hope you like it

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axelgnt Final Starman clay
Its been a while since i post something from earthbound
I made this guy with hes classic I DARE YOU pose that all starmen have wish i had some gold paint
this character was part of 30 character meme where i put 30 characters from diferent places and people guess where each char is from
i hope you like it
2/11/09 9.00
axelgnt Flint in clay
Flint from Mother 3 i did some changes on hes costume
i hope you dont mind and hope you like it.
9/19/06 10.00
axelgnt Frank Fly
i really like how i made this version specially because of the hair style and the posse
Hope you like him.
6/5/07 9.49


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