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Beware of Krakens - by Eternalsaturn

Beware of Krakens

Some... painty thing of the Kraken battle.

Other Submissions by Eternalsaturn

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Eternalsaturn Beetle Hunting
I actually did this a while back, I just... never submitted it, for some reason. Mr. Saturn with a beetle, whooo...
11/18/06 0.00
Eternalsaturn Beware of Krakens
Some... painty thing of the Kraken battle.
8/28/06 9.63
Eternalsaturn Boogidy Boogidy!
Boogie Tent battle! Yes, it's rather cliche as far as Halloweenie pics go, but I like it so there. Poor Jeff...
10/21/06 10.00
Eternalsaturn Busted!
Jeff and Ness in Lumine Hall. Unfortunately for poor Jeff, he didn't realize that his deepest thoughts would be displayed on that glowing wall for all to see. As you can see, Ness isn't too happy about that.... ;)
5/3/05 8.00


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