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Enroute to Stonehenge - by Pumpkin

Enroute to Stonehenge

I decided to erase the background for my drawing.
The chosen four have enlisted bubble monkey to help them cross the river between North and South Winters. Only Jeff knows what lies ahead. The continued journey will be arderous, and as of now they are catching some much needed rest during their peaceful ride aboard a gentle dino ^_~

Other Submissions by Pumpkin

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Pumpkin Believing in You
It's always nice to have someone believe in you, and to be able to believe in someone.
5/4/07 9.00
Pumpkin One Dark Night
Ness, a seemingly normal young man was rudely awakened twice in the same night... once by a meteor, and the other by a knock on the door. It was Pokey, the worst kid in the neighborhood... Now Ness has been thrust into a world much stranger than the one he lived in the day before... the rest is history... So it begins...
9/12/06 9.00
Pumpkin Pokey and Picky
Just a concept of Pokey and Picky... solely mechanical pencil
7/8/06 9.00
Pumpkin Onett's Worst
My Rendition of Frank and his minions... I always pictured them to be more on the punky side since they make their lair an arcade. Outlined in Micropens <3 and shaded with mechanical pencils as usual
7/17/06 9.00
Pumpkin Thank you!
A scene I'm sure everyone wanted to see on paper, Paula seems really happy to be free, and poor Ness doesn't even know what to do. I'm sure he's happy all the same ^^
7/19/06 10.00


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