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Starman Federation pg8 - by Lord_glavin

Starman Federation pg8

Starman Federation - #08
STFU has no affliation with any other acronyms other than STarman Federation University

Other Submissions by Lord_glavin

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Lord_glavin Starman Federation Cover
Been thinking of drawing this for ages, so I decided too...just something random
10/1/06 0.00
Lord_glavin Starman Federation pg1
Starman Federation - #01
Here we are introduce to the CO, Starman DX Johnston, two crew members, and Mike
10/1/06 0.00
Lord_glavin Starman Federation pg2
Starman Federation - #02
Mike is rebel without a cause, having trouble with girls all his life...he decided to get with the 'In' crowd....and buy an afro
10/1/06 0.00
Lord_glavin Starman Federation pg3
Starman Federation - #03
hey! glad some people liked my first entries so continue the series I will!
10/3/06 0.00
Lord_glavin Starman Federation pg4
Starman Federation - #04
You know this one time I was walking ddown the street and...damn I forgot where I was going with this...well oh well, Obviously Starmen have a long standing rivalry with the Mr. Saturn
10/3/06 0.00


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