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Day at the Beach - by GiyganMage

Day at the Beach

Here's a picture I drew of Ness and Paula on the beach at Summers with Jeff and Poo in the background. Looks like Ness is having fun ;D

Other Submissions by GiyganMage

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GiyganMage Queen of Magicant Redux
In an attempt to judge the progression of my artistic skillz, I decided to remake one of my older drawings and compare the old with the new. The one I ultimately chose was the "Queen of Magicant" I did way back in early 2007. I believe I have indeed gotten better in the span of three years.
6/3/10 9.00
GiyganMage Santa Kurausu
Bet ya didn't see that coming...
12/18/07 0.00
GiyganMage Shoop Da Eerie Whoop!!!
It's teh Eerie Smile and he's a FIRIN' HIS LAZAAAAAAAR!!!
1/24/08 0.00
GiyganMage The Super "Big" Bros.
I have absolutely no idea where this idea came from... Boredom conjures some weird stuff sometimes.
10/22/07 0.00
GiyganMage Wind Waker Apple Kid
Yeah, he's a kid with the likeness of an apple... Windwakeramatized!
3/26/08 0.00


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