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The Nose Knows - by Queue

The Nose Knows

Dosei San himself, rather excited about his fresh cup!

Other Submissions by Queue

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Queue "Happens All the Time!"
A look into what it might've been like after a Ramblin' Evil Mushroom fight.
7/31/13 0.00
Queue Back Tattoo
I got a tattoo of the EarthBound logo on my back. :o
2/9/05 0.00
Queue Buzz Buzz
My interpretation of Buzz Buzz from Mother 2. A slightly bigger version than the one I submitted to the Community Interpretation project.
2/27/09 0.00
Queue Cultist Paula
What would have happened to Paula if Ness never came to save her? Why, she would have been brain washed and rose to the highest ranks of the Happy Happyists, of course! I was commissioned to draw this by the lovely Mugenginga and I was very obliged to do so. Enjoy!

8/15/09 0.00
Queue Kumatora Art Swap
An art swap I did with H4x0rk4t.
5/28/09 0.00


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