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What Mr. Saturns Do During Winter - by josh

What Mr. Saturns Do During Winter

Heres my 3rd FUNFEST entry, as you can see they all have mr.saturns in them, this is because the only thing i'm good at drawing is them.

Other Submissions by josh

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josh Funfest Detective Club Part II
Ayumi Ponders the Meaning of the Halloween Funfest While in the World of EarthBound while being attacked by zombies.
11/6/07 0.00
josh Threed's Heroes
Join 3 kids as they save threed from master belch! (Made in Ren'py

(TO Staffer: Attached is a screenshot. here is the link for the actual game,' )
11/6/07 0.00
josh Starman Funfest Invasion
This is a hack involving having a bandwith problem on the last day of the funfest and the end of the world occuring becuase of Bill Cosby and Weird al Doing a Talk Show. Expand to 4 Meg.
10/31/07 0.00
josh EBVB Box Art
Here is a mockup of the horror that is earthbound on the virtual boy...
10/30/07 0.00
josh A Truly Scary Thought...
Theres something that has scared me since tomato gave me the idea all those years ago... Earthbound... On... The... VIRTUAL BOY!!!!
10/30/07 0.00


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