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Night Before EB no Matsuri - by chuggaaconroy

Night Before EB no Matsuri

I've been addicted to seeing all the entries in the funfests over the years and thought I'd have a go at making an entry myself. I worked hard on my first entry, this is basically a spoof or parody of The Night Before Christmas using Mother-related themes. Hopefully I can make time to create more.

Other Submissions by chuggaaconroy

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chuggaaconroy A Day In Stonehenge
Here's a drawing I spent my boring afternoon on. I like how it turned out. A Mook and two diamond probes in Stonehenge Base with the other parts of the level in the distance.
3/8/07 8.00
chuggaaconroy Abandoned
I've decided to resort to the world of drawing to ease all my stress. This is my quick 15-minute pencil drawing of Pokey's Mech from Mother 2. Expect to see better, more quality works from me when I have more time I can spend on my art.
2/27/07 8.00
chuggaaconroy Empire Porky Bathrooms
All the way from the Empire Porky Building, the bathroom area. This was in a museum in New Orleans, Louisiana.
1/30/07 0.00
chuggaaconroy Ending FAQ
Earthbound Misc. info--ending FAQ. Site description: Describes the changes made to the game after Giygas is defeated. Contains a lot of good, widely unknown information.
1/8/05 0.00
chuggaaconroy Eraser Me
A bit of a follow up of my last art. I'm sad to say that I won't be making any fan art for a while. I have an art contest I need to enter and can't draw Earthbound stuff for it.
3/23/07 9.00


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