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ness's manightmare - by Radiation

ness's manightmare

it's either, because ness's nightmare (or rather, Raidy's Nightmare) is yellow and mani mani is purply but this is red-orange


It's okay except for the yellow feet, and, like, the total lack of the rest of the picture.

Other Submissions by Radiation

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Radiation Story of a Soldier 6 - The End of the Beginning... of the End. Of the Beginning.
soas - #06
This comic series is x100 better if you do the voices right. Heheheheheheh.

Anyway, this comic took 3 hours to make and I still don't like it. Actually I do. Hahahahaha!
8/12/06 0.00
Radiation Story of a Soldier 6-1: Non-Canon Edition
soas - #6.1
I was bored and I didn't wanna make a comic so I made a 1-minute flash. I kinda like it. I kinda don't. It's not that good. (Maybe put in "fanimations" if it doesn't work here, it probably doesn't actually, but I'd rather submit it incorrectly into Fan Comics because fanimations is a dead section)

Okay anyway this is a dumb movie but it's kind of cool. It's not witty or anything.
8/12/06 0.00
Radiation Story of a Soldier 7X - Scrabble and False Beginnings
soas - #07
One of the many false endings to the series. That's what the X means. X for termination.

Also I really like how I colored this comic. It looks pretty sweettastic. Stay tuned for the REAL comic number seven.

Or maybe I'll keep going with this storyline. Maybe later.

Also: I like how both people are the straights and the comedic foils and they alternate between it so there's really no "true" comedic foil. I think everyone can agree that these two guys get one everyone's nerves, though, even themselves.
8/20/06 0.00
Radiation Tenda Chief
The Tenda Chief
4/24/05 0.00
Radiation the best PSI happy day ever
A visit from the Annual Gift Man. Isn't the rest of it really obvious? Viewed from left to right, unless you look the other way first.
12/20/06 0.00


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