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The Gifts We Take - by TendaRedux

The Gifts We Take

Warring factions in Fourside's streets vie for close-minded victory while an emotionally beleaguered doctor campaigns for a peaceful solution.

Other Submissions by TendaRedux

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TendaRedux Arbitrary Intersections, Arbitrary Intercessions
An interlude looking at Onett NPCs in a snapshot taken before Ness's encounter with Captain Strong.
10/7/09 0.00
TendaRedux Awake?
A single conversation, 2AM Christmas morning, and its long-reaching long-touching ramifications.
1/14/07 0.00
TendaRedux Headlines in Motion
M2, Department Store: Guitars shoot thunder, bystanders capture footage for youtube, a cowboy checks out his girlfriend's butt
7/11/09 0.00
TendaRedux Into the Forest
The Chosen Four struggle through the pyramid after Jeff is poisoned and finds himself struggling through hallucinatory travails just to stay alive.
9/26/09 0.00
TendaRedux Ness's Anthropomorphic Nightmare
I guess this image is a self-explanatory take on why they just ended up re-using the Mani Mani sprite for this battle
8/1/07 0.00


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