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The Power: Page 7 - by SkyeChan

The Power: Page 7

SkyeChan - #07
Page seven of my fancomic. There's not much to say.

Other Submissions by SkyeChan

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SkyeChan Boss Doodles
Experimentation with a felt pen and highlighters.
10/30/07 8.00
SkyeChan Eerie Battle
Before or during the final battle, depending on how you percieve it. It's supposed to be a bit abstract. Drawn with oekaki (Shii Painter Normal).
10/29/06 10.00
SkyeChan EarthBound Poster Thingy
An EarthBound poster-esque drawing made in Oekaki. The lines are messy and the coloring is kinda plain, but I didn't quite have time to develop it. I like the design of it, though. Yes, the chosen four thing is pretty cliche. Sorry about that. Hopefully it's good enough to not be deleted.
3/28/06 0.00
SkyeChan Poo Gets Impatient
After 7 straight hours of hunting, Poo just couldn't take it anymore.
9/5/08 0.00
SkyeChan Monkey to the Rescue
A partly finished picture of Salsa saving Lucas and Boney from the Ultimate Chimera in the Chimera Research Laboratory. I would have finished this, but the oekaki site I was using just had to be undergoing maintenance when I tried uploading it to save it while I slept. Thus, I lost the layer data, and this cannot be finished because there's no possible way to continue it. Sorry. :<
11/19/06 0.00


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