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Mu Training - by Poo7878

Mu Training

I just played the Mu Training part on EarthBound and thought I'd draw it with the original background. Kinda makes me sad...Poor Poo!

Other Submissions by Poo7878

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Poo7878 Th-This is a PRINCE!?
This is Poo7878 when she first sees Prince Poo. I guess he likes her from his expression! She can't beleive that he's a prince.
2/27/06 0.00
Poo7878 Random EarthBound creatures
I was drawing a few monsters as my friend was fighting them. There is also a magical butterfly! XD
3/26/06 0.00
Poo7878 Kraken!
A Kraken and two baby Krakens. I think they are so cute!
3/27/06 0.00
Poo7878 The Sea of Eden
Just a quick doodle of the Ness's nightmare and a Kraken. ^.^
3/27/06 9.00
Poo7878 Poo's PSI Starstorm
A close up I did for a test with hands. I really like the results.
10/4/06 0.00


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