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Turning Off the Devil's Machine - by Psychomax

Turning Off the Devil's Machine

If you were to ever see Giygas, you'd be so petrified with fear; you'd never be able to run away!
That's how scary it is!
So do you want me to turn off the Devil's Machine?
Well, prepare to be amazed!
(This is a resubmission of something I did a while ago, but since then I've figured out how to export images from Flash.)

Other Submissions by Psychomax

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Psychomax Cubism Saturn
Mr. Saturn in the style of the great abstractionists.
7/2/07 0.00
Psychomax Day of the Saturn
I feel like I could...
Like I could...
Take on the world!
3/17/07 10.00
Psychomax Gum trap
Don't do it, Bubble Monkey! It's a trap!
3/7/07 9.00
Psychomax Hello and... Goodbye!
The day in the (short) life of a resident of Moonside. .edisnooM
6/13/07 8.00
Psychomax Kraken Graffiti
Found on a wall in Copenhagen, Denmark. If anyone wants to draw the rest of his body, that would be pretty cool.
9/5/07 0.00


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