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Fish Roe Man - by FrankFly

Fish Roe Man

The enemy that lies deep within the underwater area.

Other Submissions by FrankFly

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FrankFly [PIANO] Confusion - Page 2 (MOTHER 3)
Page 2 of Confusion.
8/28/07 0.00
FrankFly [PIANO] Confusion - Page 1 (MOTHER 3)
Mother 3 sheet music arranged by myself. If you're not sure what song this is, it's track 44 in the sound player.
8/28/07 0.00
FrankFly Zombie!
Zombie based off of a sprite by Flamin P.
10/20/07 0.00
FrankFly YoungTown
I felt like drawing something from Mother, so I did this, took about 30 minutes on paint program.
10/8/06 0.00
FrankFly Winters Country
I made this for a title screen for a game im gonna make for the funfest. But then I got another Idea for the game so Im just submitting this as artwork. Jeff and BubbleMonkey in Winters, made with PaintProgram. :)
12/13/06 0.00


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