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The Mr. Saturn Legacy, Part One - by skyrunner14

The Mr. Saturn Legacy, Part One

The first of a three part story full of chills, thrills, and possibly even a laugh or to. I also strive to explain the connection between Mother 1 and 2, although we won't see how until PART TWO! Dun-dun-dun!

Other Submissions by skyrunner14

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skyrunner14 A MOTHER Doodle
A doodle I drew at school. Looks like Loid need to find a better hiding place. XD
12/6/07 0.00
skyrunner14 A MOTHERly Christmas
A picture I drew. Wait, who's that by Ana? If you've seen Starmen.SMASH, you'll know. :-)

12/29/07 0.00
skyrunner14 Calm before the Storm...
Ninten had a strange dream. It was a very clear, and very strange dream. Sorry it has fold lines, but I drew this at school and didn't have my binder with me at the time.
3/21/07 0.00
skyrunner14 Characters of Mother 1
I don't do something like this very often, but when I do, I try to put as much detail in it a possible. Please tell me what you think!
2/24/07 0.00
skyrunner14 Foreshadow
Don't know if anyone noticed, but last time I tried to submit this, I accidentally sent in my "Characters of Mother 1" drawing. Oops...
4/17/07 0.00


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