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Ubsey Movies: Jeff Benson as Ness - by Yomon

Ubsey Movies: Jeff Benson as Ness

Woah! It's Jeff Benson dressed as Ness and he's all cell shaded! I had fun making this picture and I now enjoy making pictures in this particular style.

Other Submissions by Yomon

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Yomon Earthbound Character Shirt
Just a simple Earthbound shirt I made using some fabric pens on a blank gray shirt. Only problem I have with it is the fact that I wrote Earthbound too wide, so it's hard to read when worn :(
2/23/07 8.00
Yomon Gift Box Gift Card
Here's what the gift cards at a local coffee shop look like.
I immediately snapped a picture of it once I found my iPhone. I would love to buy a cookie, coffee, or croissant with one.
10/9/08 0.00
Yomon Happy Ness
Too bad the real purpose of this movie isn't to find a happy Ness.
10/9/08 0.00
Yomon High Performance Lucas
I'm very unobservant, but my friend (VorpalStorm) noticed that this power steering fluid was titled 'Lucas'. Blahah! It's so great, and it was in my house all this time. I feel bad for not noticing it.
6/20/08 0.00
Yomon Mr Saturn Pin
Here's a little Mr Saturn Pin I made out clay as a birthday present for a friend. I painted it and put some magical glaze over it. Although, I don't know what's so magical about the glaze. Maybe because it's shiny! :D
10/14/08 0.00


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