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Fishing For Kraken pg 12 - by Zargata

Fishing For Kraken pg 12

fishkraken - #12
Some of my other favoret enemies finaly show up.

Other Submissions by Zargata

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Zargata Fishing For Kraken pg 24
fishkraken - #24
*hides* you are free to kill me now anytime you wish.I came to a great challenge when I wanted to draw Giygas, he is, as many of you know, a very spirity thing. So instead of pouring my guts out manking a super cool one...I went the other way :P He is the almighty idiot after all. So yeah, after planing out a few more pages, this most sad and odd tale ends on either page 26 or 27. So enjoy the kraken-ness while you can...oh and I plan to make a 'Remaster' version correct many many flaws but yeah. See y'all next week
3/25/07 0.00
Zargata Fishing For Kraken pg 25
fishkraken - #25
Alright Fishing For Kraken has been remastered! Thanks Ozwalled and everyone else for all the help. I'll surpirze you all later with something New.
7/8/07 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken pg 26
fishkraken - #26
my hands are killing me, and I am sorry for rushing this, but I made three pages this week so I could wrap up everything. I don't like leaving people in the dark for very long so near the end. So the few pages are kinda bad darwing wize, but whatever, I am sad that I will not be here on sunday to see what people thought, I will have to wait a week till I can read anything. -_- I curse you oregon! so yeah, enjoy the final moments of FFK and beprepared for a TWIST!
4/5/07 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken pg 27
fishkraken - #27
>> if you didn't see that coming...i don't blame you. Picky was my first choice when drafting who he was way back when. And thus the story begain to form around that idea. This would be the final page and thus the world ends, but one still remains and shall leave this story forever in...umm confusion.
Minor edit made in this version, a really stupid mispelling ><
4/6/07 0.00
Zargata Fishing For Kraken pg 3
fishkraken - #03
yeeeeeeeessss. Neeeeessss.
7/5/07 0.00


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