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Riding the Bus - by ardwick_of_onett

Riding the Bus

The chosen 4 enjoy a ride aboard an abstract-looking bus.

Other Submissions by ardwick_of_onett

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ardwick_of_onett The Minch Who Stole Tony
1/13/08 0.00
ardwick_of_onett Rosemary Manor
In the year 194X, a private investigator and his partner, a much younger photo-man (Fuzzy J. Pickles) from Threed, are sent by their employer to investigate the sounds of a piano playing up a racket in Spookane’s Rosemary Manor. But with Pixelated Maps, Unburning Candles, Alarm Ghosts and 'ZOMBIES?!' abound, will they even be able to find this musical instrument of doom? This is my entry for this year’s Halloween Funfest at Or rather, the first/second half, considering the movie exceeded 10 mins and I needed to snap it in two.
11/3/08 0.00


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