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Deep Darkness' 300 - by SolidNess

Deep Darkness' 300

We will fight in the Deep Darkness.

Other Submissions by SolidNess

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SolidNess A Magical Hunt?
Ness gets down and dirty in the search for the elusive magic truffles!!
7/31/07 0.00
SolidNess Deep Darkness' 300
We will fight in the Deep Darkness.
8/2/07 9.00
SolidNess Fog of War
A sketch of Prince Poo calmly resting on a pile of scrapped Starmen and Octobots, as the fog clears, and the storm continues to rage in the distance...a signal the war with Giygas isnt over yet.
6/27/07 9.00
SolidNess Heat of the Battle
This is my first art submission! I hope to do this one in color, soon. Hope you enjoy it.
6/25/07 9.00
SolidNess I miss you
A realistic sketch portrayal of Flint mourning his lost love in the rain, with Boney by his side.
6/25/07 7.00


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