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Saturn Friends - by Sweet-Michiko

Saturn Friends

Submission for the Envelope Art part of the 2007 EB Siege.

Other Submissions by Sweet-Michiko

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Sweet-Michiko What the...? Is this what I get for DUI...
or have I been eating too many magic cakes?

This is my first fluke ever. When I thought of this idea, I couldn't pass it up! Whoever can correctly guess the reference gets a digital cookie <3
11/2/07 0.00
Sweet-Michiko Ultimate Chimera
Watch out for the Ultimate Chimera!

This was a last minute project I did for my portfolio that I'm submitting to university. The basic lineart was created in Corel Draw 12 and I threw in some filters with Adobe Photoshop CS3. I used the postcard from the King of Games as a reference. It is an example of replication.
5/2/08 0.00
Sweet-Michiko Strange, Funny, Heartrending
Submission for the Envelope Art part of the 2007 EB Siege.
8/27/07 0.00
Sweet-Michiko Sharks Membership Card
I spent the better part of a week slaving away at this project for the Funfest. I was really impressed with the t-shirt designs at the King of Games, especially the Sharks one. So I decided that no one can be a member of the Sharks without a MEMBERSHIP CARD! This membership card is perfect for any cosplay costume you may have planned for Halloween!

I recreated each an every graphic in Corel Draw 12. I could have done a better job with reproducing the logo had better reference photos been provided. I think I'm in the early stages of Carpel tunnel as I cannot use a computer for extended periods of time anymore. This is why I didn't bother to reproduce Frank and used the clay image instead.


10/16/07 0.00
Sweet-Michiko Saturnese
Submission for the Envelope Art part of the 2007 EB Siege.
8/27/07 8.00


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