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Right Side Close-up - by E-102 Gamma

Right Side Close-up

Closeup of my CD's and my Deluxe Box.

Other Submissions by E-102 Gamma

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E-102 Gamma "That belongs in a museum!"
My collection as of 9/20/07:

I got some games, some music, Mr. Saturn chillin' there in the middle. Some guides over on the left side there. I have two copies of the EarthBound guide because I "lost" one under the sofa for a few years (I accused my mom of throwing it out) and got another one only to find the first one later. Sorry Mom!
9/20/07 0.00
E-102 Gamma EarthBound Poster
My EarthBound poster. From what I've been told it was taken from the back room of a Toys R Us prior to the games release, gone though the hands of a few people before I managed to get a hold of it. Framed nicely too!
5/5/08 0.00
E-102 Gamma Everything EarthBound
Here's the rest of my stuff. Maybe one day I'll sell it all to someone I know will enjoy it as much as I do, but for now I'm still enjoying it too much.
5/5/08 0.00
E-102 Gamma MOTHER Posters
All the posters I have imported from Japan including two fliers I just received and still need to get framed.
5/5/08 0.00
E-102 Gamma Right Side Close-up
Closeup of my CD's and my Deluxe Box.
9/20/07 0.00


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