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PSI Starstorm! - by Poo7878

PSI Starstorm!

Prince Poo with his equipment (except the Sword of Kings) powering up the ultimate move.

Other Submissions by Poo7878

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Poo7878 Blue, Blew, Lagoon
Oh no! Poo became a dragon and converted to Happy Happism! Just kidding...
9/24/07 0.00
Poo7878 Day full of training
Looks cozy, eh? I was testing out how to draw male bodies. I've improved since this picture by the way.
9/24/07 0.00
Poo7878 Duster
For a friend's birthday. He was extremely fun to draw! Enjoy!
11/20/07 0.00
Poo7878 EB Baddies
I was watching a friend play Earthbound. So I decided to draw them while she was fighting. Enjoy!
9/24/07 9.00
Poo7878 Evil-looking Poo
This was also a test, but for shading and explosions! This picture was a lot of fun. Enjoy!
10/4/06 9.00


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