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This is Your Sanctuary - by Poo7878

This is Your Sanctuary

My horrible side of an art-trade. It's mainly his hand I messed up though.

Other Submissions by Poo7878

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Poo7878 Happy Late Dalaamian Easter!
I painted and Easter, and being the Dalaamian fan I am...of course it's a pink Cloud!
9/24/07 0.00
Poo7878 He-Here it comes!!
I was bored one I started a Kraken sketch. I like the results.
9/24/07 0.00
Poo7878 How about a lift?
Ness decided to hitch a ride on Poo's shoulders. Thus, causing Poo to basically drown. Paula thinks Jeff should let her ride on his shoulders as well. Poor Jeff...
10/4/06 0.00


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