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This is Your Sanctuary - by Poo7878

This is Your Sanctuary

My horrible side of an art-trade. It's mainly his hand I messed up though.

Other Submissions by Poo7878

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Poo7878 Lucas
I've been playing Mother 3 lately, and I was inspired to draw Lucas. Enjoy!
10/28/07 0.00
Poo7878 Mu Training
I just played the Mu Training part on EarthBound and thought I'd draw it with the original background. Kinda makes me sad...Poor Poo!
3/4/07 8.00
Poo7878 New and Improved: PSI Starstorm!
I was inspired to draw Poo after I saw Lucas' final smash. <3
12/3/07 0.00
Poo7878 Night at Podunk
This took forever. Finally got it finished and ready to submit! Wish me luck. :D
11/2/07 0.00
Poo7878 Octobot of DOOM
I really hate these things right now...Especially the Military ones...
12/3/07 0.00


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