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EB Zero Cast - by Cubivore10

EB Zero Cast

A picture of the main 4 characters from EB Zero.

Other Submissions by Cubivore10

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Cubivore10 16 Melodies in 16 Bits
Each of the main characters from the NES Earth Bound, and the Chosen Four from the SNES Earthbound (and Pokey.) Each character is directly based off of their clay models and use only their in-game colors...with the exception of Ana; I cheated and added red to her colors.
10/4/12 0.00
Cubivore10 BEAST!
I drew a picture of this cute little beast thingy from EB 64. I wish it was put in Mother 3 for GBA......whatever this thing is it looks really happy, and looks as if it is saying "YA RLY".
10/15/07 0.00
Cubivore10 Bloody Zombie!
Why the heck is this thing called a bloody zombie? Maybe because of the blood dripping from his ugly claws? Or maybe because of the pool of blood he is standing in? Nah...that can't be. Well have a happy Halloween!
10/15/07 0.00
Cubivore10 EB Zero Cast
A picture of the main 4 characters from EB Zero.
10/15/07 0.00
Cubivore10 Giygas
YOU CAN'T GRASP THE TRUE FORM OF GIYGAS! Really it's hard to grasp that...
10/15/07 8.00


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