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March of Fright - by P-RO

March of Fright

A superb evening to go touring in the magnificent gloomy town of Threed. Its heartwarming citizens will surely guarantee you the fright of your life!

Other Submissions by P-RO

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P-RO Apple Bobbers
A playful yet very competitive game of apple bobbing is held in EagleLand on Halloween. A close call! Now WHO will get to keep the apple?
11/11/08 0.00
P-RO Bein' Friends
There is such a thing as bein' friends amongst bullies.
They loiter around, bully the next kid, take over the arcade... Awh youth.
5/18/07 9.00
Exactly it. Is Ness tired of being the hero of humankind? Such responsibility!
Now with extra colours to heat your retinas!
5/18/07 8.00
P-RO Breathe Feel Good
It's a nice evening breeze in Eagleland and Ness shares his Can of Fruit Juice with Mister Saturn. HP+6!
5/14/07 9.42
P-RO Bubblegum Jeffrey
The poor kid's hunger cannot be satisfied with the piece of bubblegum. Better just give it to the monkey. It was free with the purchase of the bubblegum pak!
6/8/07 8.00


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