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EB Black Friday - by mistycat85

EB Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday can be scary for everyone, even for those with PSI!

Other Submissions by mistycat85

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mistycat85 Collage de Enemy
Thanks Psionic Brawler for the title! This started with a doodle of Jeff and wound up being the chosen four with all of the EB enemies (sans bosses and alternate colors) in the background. I may have missed one or two- but it took me awhile to draw them all in.
3/19/08 0.00
mistycat85 Pencil Eraser Complete
After a minor explosion and lots of work, Apple Kid completes the Pencil Eraser! Since there's no image for what the invention actually looks like, it was fun to figure out what I wanted it to be.
2/25/08 9.00
mistycat85 Very Late Valentines Day
I drew this the day after valentine's day- so it's late, but I got the pose for paula stuck in my head, and it had to be drawn.
2/17/08 0.00
mistycat85 Chemistry with Mr. Saturn
This is the fault of my friend Chris. I was complaining about P-Chem (think physics + chemistry + calculus in one course.) and he went "P Chem P Chem Mr Saturn P Chem P Chem." and this had to be created.
1/29/08 0.00
mistycat85 Christmas at Snow Wood
Jeff's taking apart a final project as Tony decides it's time for a hot chocolate break. Both of them, along with a select few students, stayed at school over the Holiday Break.
1/8/08 8.00


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