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EB Black Friday - by mistycat85

EB Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday can be scary for everyone, even for those with PSI!

Other Submissions by mistycat85

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mistycat85 No Stairs in Onett
It's good for the Sharks that Onett has a distinct lack of stairs!
10/6/07 0.00
mistycat85 DCMC Pamphlet
I thought that Shimmy had a hot pink beard... my bad. This was an actual pamphlet I made. The original is a two sided piece of paper folded into three panels. Both the front and back have been combined into one image for ease of looking at it.

thanks to Oz for the paper!
4/8/09 0.00
mistycat85 EB KND Parody
I dunno if this has been done before- but I was messing around in photoshop and figured I'd make an Earthbound parody of the Kids Next Door logo. It was a lot of fun to do.
7/30/07 10.00
mistycat85 Very Late Valentines Day
I drew this the day after valentine's day- so it's late, but I got the pose for paula stuck in my head, and it had to be drawn.
2/17/08 0.00
mistycat85 Rock Out
I doubt I'm the only one who's thought of Ness rockin' out on the bat guitar while doing PSI Rockin.
7/5/07 0.00


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