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Mr. Saturn House Invasion - by FrankFly

Mr. Saturn House Invasion

This is a picture of my house in Animal Crossing. I got copied the tile design from a Mr. Saturn someone submitted to so It'd probably fit Fantography best.

Other Submissions by FrankFly

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FrankFly Flint
MS Paint drawing based off of Flint's sprite.
6/27/07 5.00
FrankFly The Paradise Line - Trumpet Sheet Music
My band teacher told me about this program he composes his sheet music in. It sounded like fun so I gave it a shot. Since I play the trumpet, I made the "ParadiseLine" with trumpet notes.
2/16/07 0.00
FrankFly Explosion in the Science Lab!
Out of all my time at Starmen, I dont think Ive seen this scene from Mother 1 drawn <_< So~ I decided to give it a shot :)
2/21/07 9.00
FrankFly [PIANO] Confusion - Page 2 (MOTHER 3)
Page 2 of Confusion.
8/28/07 0.00
FrankFly My Earthbound Related Things
Picture Includes: Game Informer article of Earthbound, Nintendo Power epic news of Mother 1+2, SSBM, SSB, Gameboy Camera because of the music in the credits. I also have the article from NP but its kinda crumpled and ripped out of the magazine so I didnt include it.
3/26/07 0.00


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