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3D Rainy Circle - by viniciuskps

3D Rainy Circle

Rendered picture of the 3D Rainy Circle I made!

Still with some more realistic elements!

Other Submissions by viniciuskps

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viniciuskps 3D Giant Step
I set off on a journey to make all the "Your Sanctuaries" in 3D! This one is Giant Step... as always, with some realistic elements...

The background wasn't so well done because I was focusing only in the Giant Step itself... but I hope you like the picture! =)
2/12/08 0.00
viniciuskps 3D Ness's House
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 1 Jan 2008

A rendered picture of a model of Ness's house I made!

There are some more realistic elements (not so Earthboundy), but I think that's fine anyway! =)
12/28/07 0.00
viniciuskps 3D Rainy Circle
Rendered picture of the 3D Rainy Circle I made!

Still with some more realistic elements!
2/11/08 9.00
viniciuskps Mario Kart DS Emblem - Ness
Got Mario Kart DS a few days ago, and I saw the emblems option, and decided to try drawing Ness on it with Mario Kart DS's color pallete... It doesn't look so bad! Not bad at all!

I use it for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection play too... If you ever find this icon while looking for an opponent, that's me!
2/11/08 0.00
viniciuskps Mother 2 logo painted on The Sims 2 DS!
In The Sims 2 DS, there's an Art Gallery, where you can make pixelated paintings... I made the Mother 2 logo as one of my paintings! Well... it's not so close to the original logo, but hey! Its's pixel-art!
1/6/08 10.00


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