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Abstract Art 2.0 - by RedSnifit

Abstract Art 2.0

Colored, full sized, and in a new style! :o

Other Submissions by RedSnifit

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RedSnifit Abstract Art
This is the B&W version. The colored version looks bad, so I decided to submit this one instead.
2/15/08 0.00
RedSnifit Abstract Art 2.0
Colored, full sized, and in a new style! :o
2/21/08 0.00
RedSnifit Beanling
First time doing Mother 3 Fanart. Based off of the sprite. Also: I'm dropping the "Cartoony" in the titles now, as they make them kinda long. :/
1/31/08 0.00
RedSnifit Big-Head Mode
My favorite enemy from Mother 3... With an even larger head!
3/15/08 0.00
RedSnifit Cartoony Atomic Power Robot
I felt like doing a drawing on the enemy nobody likes. Also: I can't settle on a style. Sue me. The sprite was used for reference. I kinda like the background, for some reason...
1/25/08 0.00


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