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PSI Rockin' LIVE! - by Mad-Duck-Falls-Down

PSI Rockin' LIVE!

Ooo, I made a dumb mistake... I play guitar myself, so how in the world did I draw Ness playing it left hand? OFFICIAL EXCUSE: Ness is just that good. Like the legendary Jimmi! :)
Anyway, it's ink, pen, and brush.

PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

Other Submissions by Mad-Duck-Falls-Down

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Mad-Duck-Falls-Down Snow and Bubbles
Floatin' on a cold winter night!
1/6/09 0.00
Mad-Duck-Falls-Down Something They Forgot to Say
I read the lyrics to the sound stone song for the first time and got inspired! Such nice words.
2/6/08 10.00
Mad-Duck-Falls-Down Springtime in Dalaam
Off for more training, I guess.
2/13/08 10.00
Mad-Duck-Falls-Down Tessie Ride
Submission for the Envelope Art part of the 2007 EB Siege.
8/28/07 9.00
Mad-Duck-Falls-Down Working Through the Night
What is making? Beats me!

Who knows how many hours. I'm still learning how to paint digitally so I tend to do things the long way around. Concrit appreciated.
4/2/08 0.00


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