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Army of Cute - by mistycat85

Army of Cute

The picture pretty much describes it all. The proportions are off- but it's ok.

Other Submissions by mistycat85

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mistycat85 Valentine's Day
An EB comic I made to celebrate Valentine's day. It origionated from wanting to show Poo hating Valentine's day 'cause all the women of Dalaam are obsessed with him. I can totally see him as going "GIRLS ARE GRODY!" (referencing the Dr. Tran video on youtube for those who have seen it).

anyways- hope you enjoy ^^
2/15/07 0.00
mistycat85 Venus
This is EarthBound's Singing Sensation Venus!

I love how you have to get her autograph on a banana peel and so I had to draw this!

It's supposed to be a Black and white photo of Venus with the signed (somewhat moldy) peel.
2/15/07 9.00
mistycat85 Very Late Valentines Day
I drew this the day after valentine's day- so it's late, but I got the pose for paula stuck in my head, and it had to be drawn.
2/17/08 0.00


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