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Punk Giygas - by HAK2

Punk Giygas

I decided to go with the T-shirt companies and make a playah out of a charactah. I just wish I knew the code to see him...

Other Submissions by HAK2

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HAK2 The doctor is in... a trash can...
So the only way to become a certified doctor is to be in a trash can? also, not to be rude to all the Mr. Saturns, but I REALLY don't want to be operated on by a creature with NO HANDS!
5/18/08 0.00
HAK2 Thief to the stars!
sorry about my hand writing...
5/18/08 0.00
HAK2 Gnarly smilely
spiteful crow battle spirte
5/5/08 0.00
HAK2 Magicant Riddler
Suspicious man...
I'll let you pass,
if you solve this
3/30/09 0.00
HAK2 Pogo punk
that's more of a jack hammer....
6/19/08 0.00


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