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ALLEZ CUISINE! - by KingDarian


Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai creates a trout-flavored ice cream. Did a certain video game serve as inspiration!? Probably not, but it's still pretty cool.

Other Submissions by KingDarian

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KingDarian Sailor Paula and Ness Mask
Sailor Paula and Ness Mask accompanied by Mr. Saturn and Teddy Bear. Created with MSPaint.
10/2/05 0.00
KingDarian Mr. Saturn No. 5
Mr. Saturn contemplates his existance
9/28/05 0.00
KingDarian Magical Meeting
Mr. Saturn feels relaxed after meeting the elusive magic butterfly. Created using Microsoft Paint!
9/22/05 0.00
KingDarian Kirby Saturn Yo Yo
Still Icon of Kirby sprite from the SNES in his Yo-yo form, with a little Mr. Saturn on the side
2/8/05 0.00


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