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ALLEZ CUISINE! - by KingDarian


Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai creates a trout-flavored ice cream. Did a certain video game serve as inspiration!? Probably not, but it's still pretty cool.

Other Submissions by KingDarian

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KingDarian KingDarian's Massive Mound of MOTHER Memorabilia 2008
This is all of the EarthBound/MOTHER stuff I've amassed over the years.

From the Top Left to Right: MOTHER Soundtrack 1st Edition, MOTHER 2 Soundtrack 1st Edition, MOTHER 1+2 Soundtrack, MOTHER Soundtrack Reprint, MOTHER 2 Soundtrack Reprint, SAKEROCK's Songs of instrumental(featuring Eight Melodies cover), MOTHER 1+2 Midi version(CD to accompany MOTHER 1+2 Piano book), MOTHER3+, OTONOISHI(MOTHER techno/trance music), OTONOISHI 2(MOTHER techno/trance music), Famicom DVD with Top 100(featuring MOTHER), Famitsu Wave DVDs(featuring info on MOTHER 1+2 and MOTHER 3), MOTHER 2 guidebooks, MOTHER Encyclopedia, EarthBound Player's Guide, MOTHER The Original Story novel, MOTHER 1+2 guidebook, MOTHER 2 pamphlet with info about the game, Boxes for The King of Games MOTHER shirts.
Next row from Right to Left: MOTHER 1+2 Promotional ad cardboard standee, MOTHER 2 Piano Book, Bimonthly Japanese VHS cassettes with MOTHER commercial and MOTHER info, VHS tape with Itoi Interview on MOTHER 2, VHS tape on Best Famicom games featuring MOTHER, EarthBound cartridge, MOTHER 1+2 for Game Boy Advance, MOTHER 3 key chain, MOTHER 1+2 key chain, Famitsu Wave with MOTHER 1+2 info, Weekly Famitsu with MOTHER 3 cover/info, Nintendo Dream magazines with MOTHER 1+2 coverage and Starmen.Net blurb.
Next row from Left to Right: Nintendo Power Magazines with NES 'Earth Bound' mention; EarthBound previews/reviews/tips; EarthBound 64 preview, Nintendo 64 Magazine with lots of good MOTHER 3(N64) info, Bimonthly magazine(same as VHS tapes) with MOTHER 2 info, Super Famicom Magazine with juicy pre-release MOTHER 2 info, MOTHER 2 for Super Famicom, MOTHER 3 Deluxe Box w/MOTHER 3 Game Boy micro, The Sharks shirt, Franklin Badge shirt, Emergency Chimera shirt black, Emergency Chimera shirt red, Starman SMAAAASH! shirt, MOTHER 3 shirt, Doseisan plushies x5 (:3).
Last row from Right to Left: Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii, Super Smash Bros. Melee for Game Cube, Weekly Famitsu magazines with all kinds of MOTHER 2 coverage from pre-release previews to post-release strategies, Starmen.Net's EarthBound Anthology.

Not Pictured, but still somewhere in my collection: MOTHER for Famicom, Starmen.Net keychain x2, various other Nintendo Powers with more recent coverage of MOTHER 1+2, MOTHER 3, and Starmen.Net visit.
8/15/08 0.00
KingDarian Devil Machine
The Apple of Enlightenment has made a prediction...
11/11/09 0.00
KingDarian Mr. Saturn Coin
These things are supposed to be lucky.
2/27/08 0.00
KingDarian Paula
Her ribbons are shiny.
9/27/07 0.00


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