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Onett Suburbanites - by P-RO

Onett Suburbanites

If you visit uptown, much further away from the bullies ruling the arcade, you'll meet a bunch of charming kids living in the suburbs of Onett town. Insincere smiles anyone?

PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

Other Submissions by P-RO

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He looks like he is made of candy and sherbet and anything sweet! A past birthday present. A happy Ness indeed!
5/14/07 0.00
P-RO Dungeon Holiday
Under the mistletoe carried by the kite he gets a heartwarming group hug. Even the grand DungeonMan is not forgotten on the holidays. He is having a great winter time with the children who love him!
1/13/08 0.00
P-RO Gummi Saturn
My very awesome Mochi brother made this very awesome Mr. Saturn using gummi parts in KingdomHearts.
In game, it shoots lasers through its eyes while happily flying through the galaxy.
10/18/07 0.00
P-RO Homesick
Ness is staying at a Hotel and craves the taste of homemade steak. Maybe I should eat some pizza and scoot up to bed. Sniff!
5/19/07 0.00
P-RO Ketchup Packet Love
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 28 May 2008

Ness sprinkled the Ketchup Packet on the hot-dog and recovered more HP! A lovely scene in a diner being with friends.
Poo is trying some ketchup. He won't like it though...!
5/14/07 9.63


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