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Eagleland is that-a-way, Zoom! - by ayamemaiden

Eagleland is that-a-way, Zoom!

I really wish Nintendo would listen to the fans.

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ayamemaiden Neigborly Monster
"AND I DON'T want to hear another word out of you boys!"
Their father slammed the door and pounded down the stairs in a rage without even saying good-night.

"Pokey?", Picky silently asked while his brother laid on his pillow crying from a slap he received from his father.


"I'm- I jus-. I'm sorry I ran off like that."

"NO. Don't even GO there. It's Ness' fault! If he wouldn't of came with then we wouldn't of been punished!
I swear he has it out for us. He's some sort of freak!
Talking to bees."

Pokey flashed back to the moment when Ness got the strange abilities from BuzzBuzz.

"But you heard it speak too!"

"Pigs Butt cooties!"

"Ness was just trying to help!"

Silence fell over the two brothers when Pokey slammed his head on the pillow and pretended to sleep to ignore his younger sibling.

Picky frowned and turned out the lights.
"Good night..."
Shortly he was away in dreamland.

A strange red and blue glow accompanied the room whilst the temperature dropped. Pokey shivered and his eyes
darted around the room as a shadow drifted toward the end of his bed.

In a quick reaction the portly child pulled the covers to his chin.
"Who are you? Go away! Is that you Ness? Or is that your ugly mum? You aren't wanted here, leave!"

A pillow sailed over the beings' head.

I know the strife you feel."

"What do you mean?", he squeaked his voice out hesitantly.

"I've lost a dear friend too.
That's why I've come. Before he was killed by the one who birthed you, he has sided with the one who lives at dwelling next to keep you in his shadow. You are envious, no?"


"Do not try to hide it! Cast aside the friendship you still are carrying.
Your father shall be poor no more and you will know what it is like to be the one who
has the fame!"
I myself, desire much more outside this world.
The stars, these planets. Everything that has hurt us.
Take my hand and have our plans come earthbound!"

The muscles on Pokey' face flexed and contorted to a
hideous, wicked grin that has not seen the light of day on a child's face.
He placed his hand on the palm of the ghost white creature.

The Minch houshold was never the same the next sunrise.
5/28/08 9.00
ayamemaiden Ness abandoned the cookie
Not enough room for your in the pack, sorry guy!
7/5/08 9.00
ayamemaiden NINTEN
Just a tiny doodle I did on my depiction of Ninten.
Some of the MOTHER commercial aspects of him are there too.
6/5/08 8.00


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