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3D Phase Distorter - by LinkFan999

3D Phase Distorter

I recently found a 3D program I could actually use. It's not capable of some more complicated details, but it works just as fine. So, I though "Why not create the Phase 3D!

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LinkFan999 Ohhh, Andonuts!
Every invention of his you use (Sky Runner and Phase Distorter I) always break. I can imagine that the Chosen Four's robo-bodies were not much better. Heck, if it wasn't for the Mr. Saturns, the Phase Distorter III wouldn't exist... A quick doodle that I painted with acrylics. I messed up on the colors, but that only gave it a unique, broken-down look. misshapen parts, lopsided figure, and off-colors simply add to how shoddy Dr.Andonuts work really is.
6/11/08 0.00


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