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The Facebook Four - by Wilhelmina Carmel

The Facebook Four

My friend like EB stuff so I put all this on his Graffiti wall!!

Ah, the things you can do at two in the morning.

Other Submissions by Wilhelmina Carmel

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Wilhelmina Carmel Kumatora Oekaki
A bit rushed near the end, but I was trying to color a new way. (this is actually a couple weeks old submission. My latop died and the charger broke so the laptop hibernated.)
10/8/08 7.00
Wilhelmina Carmel Lighter and Fuel
Fuel and Lighter.
8/13/08 0.00
Wilhelmina Carmel Ness
Generic PSI Rockin picture. :O Made for EpicNintenDork 'cause he rocks. *bricked*
9/26/08 0.00
Wilhelmina Carmel Ness!
I... am a friend you have never met before! (This is how I imagined Ness's dream one day.)
10/3/08 0.00
Wilhelmina Carmel On Mr. Saturn Sit

Paula... I think you fed him too many peanut cheese bars.
7/1/08 0.00


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